Problem areas

Problem areas are like major challenges that arise when many smaller problems accumulate and influence each other. In Cottbus, the problems submitted from the first phase of the IdeasLAB process produced eight problem areas (<img src='/assets/icons/flash-light.svg ' />) that are related to increasing digitalisation in the field of education and are the most urgent to solve. Overall, you will not only find more information about the problem areas here, but also whether any projects have already emerged from them.

If you have ideas for solving one or even several problems/fields - great! Click on 'I have an idea', write it and register on IdeenLAB. This will make your idea visible to everyone (<img src='/assets/icons/light-bulb.svg ' />).

Then take your time to decide whether you want to develop it into a project (<img src='/assets/icons/project.svg ' />) or leave it to others. You can change your mind at any time, get started and join in! For an initial orientation, you are welcome to take a look at the sample project 'Example project: Mobile phone, easy to use!', which emerged from the problem area 'Learning via digital media'.

You can get further help via the FAQs (top right <img src='/assets/icons/question-mark-circle.svg ' />) or from the <a href='/kontakt'>Community Management.